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How WPX Hosting Helps 350+ Homeless Dogs Every Day


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"Apart from always trying to build great products with great support, I judge my success as a Web entrepreneur by how many hundreds/thousands of homeless dogs my business can positively impact, not by how many exotic sports cars I own

(I own exactly none)."

Terry Kyle, CEO, WPX Hosting

The Main WPX Hosting Homeless Dog Initiatives (So Far):

In November 2016, the Dana Foundation (charity) approached Australian WPX co-founder Terry Kyle about helping 350+ homeless dogs on a former Soviet-era industrial site, Kremikovtsi, in the city of the WPX headquarters: Sofia, Bulgaria (one of our main competitors, Siteground, is also headquartered here).

Without any residential area on the site, these stray dogs were lucky to get food twice a week from Dana Foundation deliveries.

Being a mad, dog-loving maniac, Terry instantly agreed.

So from November 2016 onwards to today, WPX Hosting has been subsidizing food deliveries for all of these dogs who have been able to be fed every day as a result:

The food delivery vehicle that Dana Foundation was using for bringing food to the Kremikovtsi was desperately broken so WPX replaced it in 2017:

 WPX Hosting's long-term goal is to move all the Kremikovtsi dogs to our own no-cage, no-kill, adoption-focused dog shelter elsewhere in Sofia/Bulgaria, away from the ex-industrial site of Kremikovtsi:


Adoption Pilot Project: Crystal Garden Exhibition in Sofia

One of our recent WPX Hosting side projects was a photo exhibition in the Crystal Garden (Kristal Gradina) park in the center of Sofia to try and help some dogs find a family and get out of their overcrowded municipality shelter:

We wanted to help put these awesome dogs where they belong, in the homes of loving families. We spread that message by exhibiting these dogs, and their stories:

In 2018, WPX Hosting also built 2 new play areas at the largest dog shelter in the country (1,500 dogs) as they had only 1 for off-leash play.

However, their close proximity to nearby dog cages turned out to make them unsuitable for that.

Instead, they have been turned into the shelter's 'retirement home' for the oldest shelter dogs to enjoy in the largest, open, grassy area  in the whole facility:

Also, WPX CEO, Terry Kyle, spends virtually every Sunday - with many other awesome volunteers - walking, feeding and playing with the dogs at that shelter where each of the 1,500 dogs there is lucky to get one short walk a month:


Animal's Life Donation Centre

One of our WPX community, Mark, has created an amazing website enabling contributions to different animal shelters around the world. We're really proud of Mark's generous project and we encourage anyone who can contribute to an animal shelter in need via his website, Animal's Life, to please do so.

Three cheers for Mark!


Via his website, you can make donations to a wide number of animal shelters around Europe, South America, Asia, and the USA! One of Animal Life's fantastic features is the ability to see what's going on in these animal shelters via Live Stream. This adds a personality to every shelter and you can see the animals directly benefit from your donations. This is a valuable feature to emphasise both the need for, and the benefit of, generosity and donations to homeless animal shelters.


Check out animal shelters live across Europe


Keep up to date with your favourite animal or shelter by using Animal's Life as your charitable hub. Please spread the word of Mark's good work using the share buttons below and let's see a big change in animal welfare across the globe!

Every donation, no matter the size, is so greatly appreciated by both The Dana Foundation and Mark's Animal's Life project. Thanks in advance!

"WPX Hosting is the first (and so far the only) WordPress hosting solution that we can 100% get behind"

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