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How WPX Hosting Helps 350+ Homeless Dogs Every Day


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"Apart from always trying to build great products with great support, I judge my success as a Web entrepreneur by how many hundreds/thousands of homeless dogs and cats my business can positively impact, not by how many exotic sports cars I own
(I own exactly none)."

Terry Kyle CEO, WPX Hosting.

Update: Great Success at the Crystal Garden 'Silent Prisoners' Exhibition, July 2017.

Terry Kyle and Losinka Bakalska at the Exhibition

Terry Kyle, CEO of WPX Hosting, and Losinka Bakalska, founder of The DANA Foundation, spoke with a local Sofia TV network at the launch of the Silent Prisoners exhibition. The show made a big splash in the city centre and brought plenty of dog adoptions too.

Smiles all round at the successful exhibition

Both Terry and Losinka were later interviewed on-set at one of Sofia's big news stations to discuss the exhibition's intent and their mutual dream for the re-homing of Sofia's homeless dog population. News of the exhibition spread quickly throughout Sofia:

The Sofia Globe reporting on the successful Crystal Garden exhibition


The exhibition itself garnered keen interest and set the locals talking and, most importantly, thinking about the serious homeless dog issue in Bulgaria's capital. The problem of Sofia's stray dogs yet remains and it will still take time for more people to undo homelessness through adoption.

For more information on WPX Hosting's ongoing efforts with Sofia's stray dogs, please continue reading below.


The young strays at Kremikovtsi


Our first major WPX Hosting-sponsored project is on a former Socialist-era ex-industrial site called Kremikovtsi, a 25 km2 area on the outskirts of Sofia.

At this shelter, more than 350 homeless dogs, including unwanted puppies that are constantly dumped on the site, 'live' in pretty awful circumstances. These dogs are repeatedly abandoned and overpopulated dog shelter sites like Kremikovtsi are only becoming more and more crowded.


Abandoned dogs at Kremikovtsi

Too many stray and lonely dogs must live alone here

Thanks to the truly heroic and tireless work of the Dana Foundation, the dogs in Kremikovtsi are getting some much-needed food and medical care on a regular basis. The Dana Foundation is an NGO based in Sofia, Bulgaria and its founder, Losinka Bakalska, as well as Niya Yakimova and Eliza Rangelova, strive to provide frequent care and give these ownerless dogs a better chance in life.

Helping the Young Strays

Rescuing stray puppies


With their help, the homeless dogs of Sofia have a valuable ally but The Dana Foundation needs all the help it can get to try and improve the lives of the dogs in Kremikovtsi and to one day find each of them a new home. There are just too many dogs for only three people to properly care for; volunteers are greatly needed and gladly welcome.

Every bit of help makes life easier for them

 Making the lives of these strays better and better


In November 2016, WPX Hosting began substantial financial contributions to the Dana Foundation so that all the Kremikovtsi Dogs could be properly fed and have their medical needs covered every day. WPX Hosting consistently donates to the Dana Foundation and are actively invested in the proper housing and treatment of these ownerless dogs.

Tireless care for the Kremikovtsi Dogs

Tireless care for the Kremikovtsi Dogs

WPX Hosting's long-term goal is to move all the Kremikovtsi dogs to our own no-cage, no-kill dog shelter elsewhere in Sofia/Bulgaria, away from the ex-industrial site of Kremikovtsi:

The Original Kremikovtsi


Getting from place to place and being able to provide help, medicine, and food faster is essential to Losinka, Niya, and Eliza's efforts. WPX Hosting's donations have even allowed The Dana Foundation to replace their old dog food delivery vehicle - the old Jetta was beyond broken! Now, they have a fresh set of wheels to get out there and deliver aid to Kremikovtsi's many stray dogs:


The Brand-New Dana-Mobile!


WPX Hosting and The Dana Foundation want to make a positive impact on the quality of life for thousands of homeless dogs across the country. Feeding hundreds of stray dogs every week, managing a safe shelter, as well as the administration and travel costs is not easy. The Dana Foundation's work is indeed tireless as they try to make a better, safer, and more comfortable world for the abandoned dogs of Sofia:


Regular feeding for the dogs of Kremikovtsi

Medical care for the young strays

Dana regularly visits and feeds the strays in Kremikovtsi

WPX Hosting wants to assist the Dana Foundation in whatever way we can; we are passionate about animal protection and not only do we want these poor strays fed but to get them back into a loving home.

Adoption Pilot Project: Crystal Garden Exhibition in Sofia, July 25th 2017!

One of our recent side projects was a photo exhibition in the Crystal Garden (Kristal Gradina) park in the center of Sofia to try and help some dogs find a family and get out of their overcrowded municipality shelter, like here:

 The young strays in their cage

We want to help put these loving dogs back where they belong, in the homes of loving families. We spread that message by exhibiting these dogs, and their stories, here in the Crystal Garden park:

The Beautiful Crystal Gardens in the heart of Sofia

Crystal Gardens Exhibition

Though it was only possible to feature 28 of our 1,500 dogs in this first exhibit, we'll take from this exhibition and roll it out again on a more ambitious scale to get even more of these shelter dogs adopted, and through other means too of course. Here are some of the actual posters that were exhibited at the Crystal Garden show:Dog for Adoption

Dog for Adoption

Dog for Adoption

Dog for Adoption

Dog for Adoption

Dog for Adoption

Dog for Adoption

The exhibition was a great success, drawing much attention and interest in dog adoption around the city. As well as being interviewed during the exhibition, Terry Kyle and Losinka were both interviewed later on local Television to discuss the pressing issue of homeless dogs in Sofia and the value of adoption.

Please consider contributing to The Dana Foundation's efforts, either through donations, adoptions, or by spreading the word of their heroic work!

Animal's Life Donation Centre

One of our WPX community, Mark, has created an amazing website enabling contributions to different animal shelters around the world. We're really proud of Mark's generous project and we encourage anyone who can contribute to an animal shelter in need via his website, Animal's Life, to please do so.

Three cheers for Mark!


Via his website, you can make donations to a wide number of animal shelters around Europe, South America, Asia, and the USA! One of Animal Life's fantastic features is the ability to see what's going on in these animal shelters via Live Stream. This adds a personality to every shelter and you can see the animals directly benefit from your donations. This is a valuable feature to emphasise both the need for, and the benefit of, generosity and donations to homeless animal shelters.


Check out animal shelters live across Europe


Keep up to date with your favourite animal or shelter by using Animal's Life as your charitable hub. Please spread the word of Mark's good work using the share buttons below and let's see a big change in animal welfare across the globe!

Every donation, no matter the size, is so greatly appreciated by both The Dana Foundation and Mark's Animal's Life project. Thanks in advance!


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