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Create a Video Review of WPX Hosting & Get 3 Months of Free Hosting

If you are a current WPX customer, we would love to see and hear your opinions about our service and support. Please share what you think of WPX and why you chose us in a short (or long) on camera video review. 

We encourage you to personalise the video; make it about you and your business. Please name your website, describe what you do, and why our hosting is important to your business. Below are just a couple of questions and topics you could cover;

  • Why did you choose WPX? 
  • How is the experience different from your previous hosts?
  • Did something surprise you?
  • How did the website(s) migration process go?
  • Do you recommend WPX?
  • Is something not as great as it could be?
  • Do you get great value from WPX?
  • Has our Support Team assisted you well in times of need?
  • Did the loading speed of your website(s) improve after the migration?
  • Do you enjoy the custom Dashboard?

Shoot the video with a hand-held phone (preferably in horizontal format) or with a professional camera; make it in one cut or with fancy jump cuts and transitions. Script the video or improvise on-the-go. You are the director of the video, make it your own.

After you complete the video, please upload it to one of your social channels and send us the link. You could also simply send us the video and we will upload it with your permission. Be advised that your video will likely be used for marketing purposes and be found on our social channels too.

You will be automatically rewarded with 90 days of free hosting on your current WPX plan, following the submission of your video review.

Here's an example of a great video review:

If you get stuck at any point or need some help, please check in with our 24/7 Support Team.

"I love the interface and...support is where WPX Hosting is like no other"

Adam Connell, WP Superstars (read full review here)
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