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Do Subdomains & Subfolders Consume 'Hosting Slots' in my WPX Account?

Depending on which plan you have selected, your hosting account will be allocated either 5, 15, or 35 website slots.
Note: We can also provide a custom quote for a higher number of websites.


Website slots vary per Plan type

A common question that we are asked is whether subdomains and subfolders count as slots in their total website allowance.

In short, subdomains do use up available spaces in your hosting account (with the exception of WP Multisite installations) but subfolders do not consume website spaces/slots in your account.

Subfolders, however, do share the allocated resources for ONE website slot. So, you could theoretically have unlimited subfolders with different websites under a domain and not use up your website allocation, though they will all share the same resources, as we mentioned.

If you're still unclear, please raise a support ticket with us here:


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